How do you know?

A month or so ago our home nearly burned down. I was looking after someone else’s home but called my mother every half hour or so for updates. I never thought that the fire would come down the mountain. We have had scares before, but the fire stayed on the mountain and rain would soon follow usually. This time is different. the fire came down and our home was almost burned down.

My mother wanted to know what the first thing would be that I would take when the house and yard are burning. Without a thought I said that I would take my chickens and my lovebird. She was very heartbroken about my answer because she thought I would say I would take her and my father. Upon reflection I realized that I assumed that they would be safe already.

What if that was not the case?

I got a lift home and on arrival, I realized that none of my animals were safe away from the fire. None of my chickens were caught and put in inboxes. They were still trapped in their cages; our cats were not caught. The only animals that were safe were their own. I suppose that in the heat of the moment you are so rushed and freaked out that you are not thinking, but I was still very upset, nonetheless.

In the end it is really a stupid thing to ask. I believe you will only know the answer when the shit hits the fan.

Most of my hens were broody at the time of the fire and they were still broody when they returned home. Only two eggs made it and two were born. It was the hen’s first time being a mother and she just kept lying in the nest. I decided to give the chicks to the other broody hen. The mother hen had a terrible reaction to it. I could not believe my eyes. She literally jumped up and down screaming her head off. And here I was thinking she would not be a good mother as she is not looking after her chicks. I felt so guilty after seeing her fight for them, trying to get out of her cage.

At that moment in time, I really thought that I was doing the right thing.

 In our everyday lives we make decisions and choices, but how do you know it is the right choice and decision? Will we always be able to live with our choices and decisions?

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