A very happy late new year to all! I sincerely hope that you have the most wonderful year.

I have a not so good new year. My mother’s brother died due to covid. The worst part for me was that he married a woman that had another faith and altough she said that he did not convert to her faith, she gave him a burial in regulations to her faith. We could not attend the burial due to covid and we simply could not afford to go. We would not have made it in time anyway. I really do not judge other’s religion. It just hurt.

I deal with his death in my own way. I feel that I would have felt better if he had a Christian burial.

At least life at home is more or less the same. My mother called me and my sister cold hearted bitches and me in particular a coward, because I chose to walk away during a fight with her. OUCH!

Ah well, atleast I have a thick skin, but it hurts all the same. there is no fight you can win.

On another note I did really well in my exams at university. I passed with distinctions (if that is the correct word). I hope to do the same this year. My university (distance learning) decided that there will only be 1 registration period this year. I am worried about finances, but I believe God will provide. I wonder if the university really considers their learners? How many students are there including me that do not have enough money? My first semester cost me near R6000.

I still have my chickens and lordy lordy they make me so happy. Some of my hens got broody and hatched some chicks. The one hen scratched the ground so vigorously that she kicked her one chick that he literally rolled away. All in an effort to search for food. It really is so beautiful to see how much she cares about the chicks. It heals my heart just to watch my chickens and my other animals. They love you no matter what.

Altough there is many complaints and problems in my life, I am very greatful to be alive, have a bed to sleep on, have clothes to wear and to be heathy young woman among other things. I am greatful for a platform like this where you can write about anything even just to vent. I post just once in a while, but it still helps!

Even though my year thus far aren’t too good, I still have faith that it will be a wonderful year.

Today, for hundredth gazillionth time, I really wished that I can run like a wolf and be free.

Ps. I know my grammar and language is shit. Please excuse it!

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