What a week

What a horrible week! I had my laptop in for repairs a bunch of times and it always seemed that he was ok, until one morning, he just refused to start after he was just repaired for that problem.

The technician said the laptop isn’t top notch anymore, but he will check again. Later that same day he called to let me know that the motherboard broke and that is too expensive to replace. In other words I might as well buy another laptop.

Lucky for me he had a second hand laptop that he could sell me, but expensive. Luckily I could borrow some money from my dad. Just more debt. Anyway, I am getting the laptop tomorrow. I really, really hope that the laptop is still good as he says it is as I need to write my online unisa examination on it next week. I can tell you-my nerves are finished so to say.

And then our car…. One of the kids in my aftercare calls our car a struggle car if you translate it directly from Afrikaans. Our car is very old and likes to break now and then,but recently it breaks every damn chance it gets. Today,I found the cause for the car’s instability when it moves. I just could not handle it anymore today and went to the mechanic. It turns out the thing that’s broken can cause a life threatening crash. I have been driving the car like this for weeks. I can only thank God that we are still safe and nothing happened this far.

This brings me to another point. Yesterday morning I saw a message on someone’s whatsapp status. It comes down to the following: don’t think about all the things you have not received, but think and be great full for all the things you have been blessed with thus far.

Creeps, this message really made me feel ashamed. I have been complaining about my prayers being unanswered for a really long time now. I failed to look around me for all the blessings that I have. We are lucky that we have the money to pay for the big repair the car now needs, I could buy a second hand laptop. God saw we would be in need now, and he provided.

Let’s count our blessings even though all goes wrong in our lives.

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