Health issues

They say your body is a temple. Well, in my case it is a squatter camp. I am extremely overweight. People think that fat people just sit the whole day and stuff their mouths with everything they can get their hands on. And like it to be so big. It sure isn’t true.

As a child I loved sports. Especially tennis. The more active I got the more pain I had in my back. Even doing nothing seemed to hurt my back. Sometimes the skin on my back hurt so much that I could not handle having a t-shirt on or being touched. Needless to say I cried quite a lot.

My back is also hunched over. Long story short I went to the doctor and was diagnosed with Scheuermann’s disease and scoliosis. It runs in my family. My mother and father have it. It’s really very painful. It grows out at a certain age, but leaves damage as it goes.

I had to stop doing sport and anything that is too heavy on my back and it made me very deprest for a long time. So without the excersise I started to out on weight. Not a lot, but in my adult years I just grew and grew in the wrong direction.

Must say though, that I did and do not eat all the healthy things that I should eat, but was content with my body until I went to test my eyes for new glasses and the doctor could not focus my eyes and sent me for blood tests to look at my blood sugar levels.

The test results wasn’t what I was hoping for. I now have to drink sugar pills. I see that these meds can also help me to lose weight if I start to eat right and do some excersise. The sugar meds makes me run to the bathroom a lot especially when I ate. Soon I really came to hate my body and at times myself, because sometimes I do not have self controll. I am not binge eating or anything, but sometimes I eat trash food when I have a bad day, and when I am bored I also tend to eat more than I should. I hate it. I really hate it.

This weekend I decided to make a change. Or try to anyway. I want to begin small. Eat a bit less, a bit healthier and set my mind to it. Even if I lose just 1kg a month it would be awesome!

I want to have less back pain, do not want to be sweating a river when I am doing small things and I do not want to worry about what chair will take my weight when I walk into a room. This list is very long.

Tommorow the challenge start.

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