Doing something positive

It has been a very long time since I have posted something here. Life has a way of running away from you sometimes.

Lately nothing seems to be much positive in my life as one shitty thing after the next happens whithout stopping. And my depression do not help either.

Today I thought about something. If I were to stand outside myself and look at the small things in my life there sure is a lot of small positive things happening, and I am missing it, because I just stare at all the negative things happening in and outside of my life.

As a hobby to make an extra income I have a few chickens. It is breeding season for them and chicks are popping out of their shells. It is such a wonderful thing to see. It is a new life that enters our world without seeing all the negative things. They just want food, water and their mother. It is so beautiful, making me feel warmth in my chest.

I also look after people’s homes and pets for an income and it so happens that I need to water some seeds for the current house I am looking after. Yesterday when I woke up I walked past the carton it is in I saw that three of them started to grow! It feels wonderful to see that all the watering has paid of and that I helped it come to life.

In the end I suppose we should always try to see the positive, even if it is just a half positive. I admit it is better said than done. In my case anyway. Looking for the positive things in your life might lift the darkness for a while.

I am sorry for my really crappy grammar and punctuation. it really is a very weak point!

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