Hello there paranoia!

A little while ago I lost my precious Lovebird Duke. I really don’t even really know what caused her death, but I think she could not get her egg out.

My mother’s lovebird started mourning after Duke died and stopped eating and so on, so we decided to get another lovebird. It felt too soon for me to get another bird. In the end I ended up with a baby that still needs to eat porridge. All is well and so on. Saro stopped mourning and I decided that I did not replace Duke at all. It sure felt like that!,

Now I have Frikkie. He is a naughty little bird with a personality bigger than the ocean. With Frikkie my paranoia start to stick it’s head out again. 8Hm… Is the porridge too hot or too cold? That thought started after his breath smelled a bit and I asked my vet what the cause can be. She said it’s possible that the porridge was either too hot or too cold. Now I keep worrying about it. After feeding I need to keep watching for any sign that could indicate something is wrong.

This morning he looks lethargic. Lordy that got my head into a spin. Is he sick or is something else wrong? My mother says I am over sensitive.

I wonder what I can do to make this happen less. It is astonishing the stupid things I can be paranoid about! I am sure there is a lot of people struggling with this. It helps to talk about it sometimes just so that someone can assure you that everything is fine.

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