A happy heart

As a hobby, I breed with large breed chickens that are very scarce here in South Africa. My friend shares the breeding and they are also housed there.
In January we bought five-day-old buff Orpington chicks from a breeder. As the days went on the chicks grew and we noticed that one of the chicks have a scissor beak. A few weeks later, the chicks died one after the other for no apparent reason. Only one survived- the scissor beaked chick.
We thought he would not make it long. His development is slow and we expected that he would have a lot of health issues as a result of the scissor beak. Boy was we wrong!
He grew up slowly but figured out how to get enough food into his body. We saw that he needed a large enough bucket that is half full of food. We normally do not leave this much food in cages, because it causes rats, mouse and stray bird problems that can give our chickens all sorts of diseases.
Anyway, time went on and I build a chicken tractor that larger than most chicken tractors at home and decided to bring the scissor beak rooster “Bekkie” home to live with me. I got two Pekin bantam hens that could stay with him.
I like to give fresh fruit and vegetables to my zoo here at home and Bekkie missed out as he could not pick it up. It always upsets me to see how hard he tries with no success at all. He ends up just watching the two hens eating the fruit and vegetables.
Yesterday, I bought a tub of yogurt and gave some to the hens and got a brainwave. I held the yogurt tub just as is for him and Bekkie started slurping as he ate his whole face was full of yogurt even his comb! He was so happy!
Seeing this filled my heart with so much joy I was nearly in tears! This also caused to put some shame in my heart for our human race. We are only thankful for water when we do not have anymore. We are only thankful for food when we do not have anymore. We do not take advantage of what we have.

The moral of the story is we should be more thankful for what we have. Even when we do not have much food, water or daily necessities.
Ps. Please excuse my grammar and writing mistakes. 🙂

Video I took this morning

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