Be courageous.

About two years back a friend’s mom got sick. I ended up looking after her small farm for three months. One of the tasks I had was to look after the egg hatching machine. When it got time for the first batch of eggs to hatch, I was ecstatic! I was in front of the incubator, looking through the window for any signs of pipping.
I did not know that it took hours for them to get out of the egg, but found out soon enough though.

One chick was too weak to break out and the membrane dried. since it was more than a day that the chick was struggling I decided to help. I got the shell off eventually and had a very weak chick in my hand, who might not survive. I put the chick back in the warm incubator and hoped for the best.

Soon it got time for the chick to leave the machine even though it was still weak. Anyhow, a long story short, I ended up sitting with the chick on my chest under my shirt so that she could stay warm and stop crying for weeks in the middle of winter. I had to separate her from the other chicks as they were stronger than her.
I decided to call her Courageous because even though she had a less than ideal start in life, she fought to stay alive.

Sometimes life throws us huge curve balls and punches, but it is up to us to decide how we will handle it. We can either sink or swim. Lots of people out there have mental, physical and even undiagnosed issues to deal with that is terrible. And I include myself in this, but decide to live today, and go out with your back straight and tackle everything with all you have.

Those of us that have friends and parents with mental illnesses like Dementia, Alzheimers, Depression and so on, support them as much as you can, even though it is hard for us too at times. It could have been you, and they are far from useless. They are still the people we know, love and care for.

PS. Grammar and punctuation suck, but that is nothing new.

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