Update on my blog “anxious about my first teaching practice”. End of the first week.

I can certainly say that I was unnecessary anxious about the teaching practice. The mentors (teachers) are very helpful.

My first day did not start that well. It started with a question–did you prepare a Bible story? Hmmm well sh!t was all I could think of and said no, but I can tell them about David and Goliath. A suggestion Saro gave the previous night in case I had to do a story. The story went well in the end.

Lesson learned- be prepared for anything.

The story made me think about children’s stories in general. They contain a lot of violence. Are we teaching our children violence from the start of their lives without realizing it?

When I told them the story about David and Goliath I said David threw the Goliath with rocks and then he fainted haha. If you think about it even stories in the Bible have violence. Anyway, it is a topic for another day.

As I said in my previous post, I have a lot of self-doubts. Am I studying the correct course? Yesterday I realized that I am actually enjoying myself a lot.

I also realized that teaching is a lot of work. It requires a lot of preparation. Many people are under the impression that teaching isn’t working. Some regard only physical work as a job.

This is not the case. Teaching is emotionally taxing. Not to mention the long hours. A teacher’s job doesn’t end when the school closes for the day. A lot of hours go into planning and marking at home. This is just a few things out of a very long list.

Teachers also work in different circumstances depending on the area where the school is situated.

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