Anxious about first teaching practice.

Tomorrow will be my first hands-on teaching practice. A few months back I only observed and got thrown in on the deep side, forcing me to either swim or drown. I really feel uncomfortable to speak to people. I almost never know what to say. It simply is just very stressful for me for varying reasons. Keeping this in mind here goes today’s blog

The observation turned out rough, but I ended up enjoying the experience more than I thought I would.

I have prepared as much as I could for the first week. The theme for the week will be farm animals. So I have the plans, thought everything through, but still, the feeling of anxiety lingers.

Lots of thoughts running through my mind. Will it be good enough, am I good enough, what if the observing teacher thinks I suck and is not suited to be a teacher? What if I suddenly can’t remember the points I wanted to make?
I guess all these thoughts are my self-doubt and insecurities that are coming through.
My sister went to another school to do her practical and that woman just criticized her attempts, throwing hard punches in a manner of speaking. Now, I really do not mind critic, but if you want to dish out criticism you should also be able to give advice on how you can fix it. Sadly, this teacher did not do this. This is also floating around in my mind.
In plain words- I am scared and unsure. With feelings like this, I would have backed out very quickly if I could. But I am stuck.
Ah well. I will just have to “man up” and take the bull by the horns. But how do I get rid of the anxiety?

PS. Sorry for the bad grammar. 🙂

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